Here is a digital glimpse, a changing virtual representation, mimicking my four seasons garden on one half acre of land. These digital pictures started recording my garden in 2001. This glimpse attempts to depict and capture chronologically its dynamically changing life, like a plant life’s cycle, through these seasons and those to come. The capturing of its beauty is a continual process since its beauty is ever changing. I began my gardening adventure in May, 1986, just one month after I turned forty.

Here lies a wonderful and daring collection of unusual plants of startling diversity, offering stunning views. There is a glowing presence in every season. The privacy offers mystery and surprise. The sensitive and imaginative plantings look good and are never boring. The impact of these pictures will build magically in no time at all.

The magic of plants is their power. Each charm will take another little piece of your heart. You’ll know it happens when it makes you feel good. May the ambience of the place shine in the gleam of your eyes. Que sera, sera.